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Pearson Learning Group gives you precisely what you need to meet students' individual learning needs in grades PreK-12. Our materials help students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds close achievement gaps, make adequate yearly progress and experience genuine success. Get the results you want from our six highly-regarded imprints: Modern Curriculum Press , Globe Fearon , Celebration Press , Dale Seymour Publications, Dominie Press and Pearson Early Learning.

Precisely what your Students need to succeed.

Today, research shows that students learn more effectively when well-matched to accessible materials that help them master skills and content.
We're a leader in making assessment and screening fast, accurate, convenient and affordable at all grade levels.

Pearson Learning Group offers a host of hassle-free solutions to assessment reporting.

  • Save time with programs like Work Sampling Online and DRA Online Management System that aggregate data from the classroom or site level to the program, district or even state level.
  • Track scores over time and provide instant feedback to students with innovative programs like Quick Reads Technology Edition.

With accurate assessment results to compare against curriculum goals, teachers can quickly identify individual strengths and weaknesses.

Good assessment tools make it easier to prescribe targeted remedial instruction, but we also provide tools designed to make it easier to choose the right materials for intervention or remediation.

  • Find materials to teach specific reading skills or correlate precisely to your basal reading program with the Precision Planner CD-ROM.
  • Use the handy online book search tool to match students to specific leveled readers according to specific DRA, Guided Reading, Intervention or Lexile levels, fiction or nonfiction, and word count.

Precision learning tools to help all your students succeed. That's what you can count on from Pearson Learning Group and its imprints: Modern Curriculum Press, Globe Fearon, Celebration Press, Dale Seymour Publications, Dominie Press and Pearson Early Learning.


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