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Pearson Education is the global leader in educational publishing -- educating 100 million people worldwide. We are part of the international media company Pearson, whose other operations include The Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. Pearson has a far-reaching commitment for learning at any age -- the learning that happens when one engages in compelling content that matters.

Pearson School Companies
Our school companies reach 35 million students with textbooks and workbooks each year and reach all 53 million students, 2.8 million teachers, and 110,000 schools in the U.S.

Pearson Early Learning
Peer-reviewed research in early childhood education, reflected in products and services that include assessment tools, curriculum products, and professional development programs.
Pearson Scott Foresman
Pearson Scott Foresman offers high-quality teacher and student materials in all elementary school disciplines in print, video, digital, and online learning.

Pearson Prentice Hall
Our middle and secondary school publisher of textbooks, ancillaries, digital products, and online learning, Pearson Prentice Hall publishes in language arts, mathematics, modern & classical languages, science, social studies, career & technology, and advanced placement.

Pearson Digital Learning
Innovative, research-based digital learning that combines adaptive technology with instruction aligned to state standards. Offerings include the curriculum products SuccessMaker® Enterprise, Waterford™, NovaNET®, and KnowledgeBox®.

Pearson Learning Group
Our publisher of supplemental materials for a wide range of ability levels for grades preK-12, and includes the imprints Modern Curriculum Press, Dale Seymour Publications, Celebration Press, Dominie Press, and Globe Fearon.

Pearson School Systems
Focusing exclusively on enterprise solutions for K-12 school districts, Pearson School Systems (PSS) is dedicated to helping educators improve student performance by combining the power of assessment, reporting, and student information solutions.

Pearson Educational Measurement
The largest full service provider of large-scale assessment services in the U.S., providing comprehensive assessment services and products to local and state education agencies, assessment organizations, and the federal government.

Continuing education for K-12 teachers and school administrators through traditional and research-based distance learning programs, including BreakThrough Mathematics, which focuses on improving classroom performance by making the teaching process, and the way students learn, more explicit and visible.

Family Education Network
An online network for parents, teachers and students offering resources, tools, information and activities for use in the classroom and at home.

Pearson NCS
Our supplier of data capture systems and services for testing, survey, and enrollment applications in schools.



Pearson Longman ESL
Our publisher of language programs for middle school, high school and adult learners of English as a Second Language.


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