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Improving student performance is your number one goal. We provide the tools you need for assessment, reporting, instruction, and planning all in one place, to support your use of Pearson Scott Foresman and Pearson Prentice Hall textbooks.

  • Test items covering standard-aligned textbook content
  • Test authoring
  • Online and scanner-based testing capability
  • Basic essay scoring
  • Individual student reports
  • Classroom AYP reports
  • Online parent reports with links to prescribed content
  • Online teacher editions
  • Online lesson planner

Pearson SuccessNet includes test items covering standards-aligned textbook content, test authoring, online and scanner-based testing capability, and basic essay scoring. Individual student reports are included, as well as classroom AYP reports and online parent reports, with links to prescribed content for additional help.

Additional support is provided by the teacher editions of Pearson School Companies textbooks, with online lesson planners to help you use assessment results to target instruction for every child.

Teachers can access online classroom assessment, analysis, and reports with Pearson Classroom Performance, to help monitor progress and identify research-based solutions for instruction. They can also access our online content and teacher planning tools from home.

Ms. Hernandez teaches eighth grade. She logs on to Pearson SuccessNet at home to see the results of the previous day's assessment in math. She notes that several students are flagged for intervention. With a few clicks, she assigns the instruction and schedules a follow-up assessment. She then turns to planning her day.

Parents and students use Pearson SuccessNet to stay in touch with teachers, monitor homework assignments, and review school reports to stay closely connected to progress in school.

Amy logs on to Pearson SuccessNet to check on how her third grade son Will is doing. She finds a report from his teacher that shows Will's performance against standards with suggested activities from the school.

Nick, a tenth grader, uses Pearson SuccessNet to access an electronic version of his textbook for homework. This means he can leave his textbook in his locker at school. He also likes being able to keep track of his progress throughout the year online.

Improve District Performance
Find out how Pearson SuccessNet can improve performance across your district to connect teachers and parents, understand your data by demographic groups, and publish or analyze assessments and tests.


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