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At Pearson NCS, it's all about the data. We know that the quality and accuracy of the data used to drive the Teach & Learn Cycle is critical to its success. Research shows that formative assessment—which emphasizes the assessment of student progress, pinpointing difficulties quickly, and adapting teaching and learning activities to better meet the needs of students—has a powerful impact on student learning.

Pearson NCS makes sure educators have the assessment tools they need to ensure student success. Scanners, handheld student response pads, test scoring machines, software, analysis tools, and test answer sheets from Pearson NCS support every aspect of the Teach & Learn Cycle. For over 40 years Pearson NCS has been helping educators collect, manage, and analyze assessment and survey data.

EZData Scoring SystemWith Pearson NCS' hardware and software, teachers can collect extremely accurate data that allows them to closely monitor student progress and objectively measure student achievement. Pearson NCS ensures the integrity of the data and powers the collection process—whether it's scanned from paper, collected online, or delivered via our handheld response system.
Class Standard Summary ReportNCS' testing hardware and software can turn student assessment data into hundreds of valuable reports that allow teachers to analyze and evaluate individual, sub-group, and building performance. Qualitative reports can address a single objective, a specific exam, or multiple assessments over time.
Students responding to questions with CPS handheld response devicesOnce achievement data is collected and reported using Pearson NCS' hardware and software, teachers can identify individual and program strengths and weaknesses. Changes in curriculum and instruction are driven by objective data collected in a manner that is best suited to the classroom or school, ranging from scanners and forms to online data collection to handheld student response systems.
When Pearson NCS' assessment software is paired with test item banks from Pearson publishers, teachers have a set of powerful tools that can prescribe the next steps for students and classes. Test items are cross-referenced to curriculum objectives and learning activities so teachers know exactly where to remediate or enrich student knowledge.
Prosper assessment systemExamView Test Generator

Pearson NCS promotes increased student achievement through a broad spectrum of education solutions supporting Assessment, Reporting, Diagnosing, and Prescription. Accountability has increased the need for data collection solutions that combine paper-based, online, and handheld interactive response pad assessment delivery.

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